Conference in Seattle

I’ve been in Seattle since Sunday to attend the Windows HiEd Conference.  Sponsored by Microsoft and the Windows in Higher Education community, the conference was at the Microsoft Conference Center in Redmond with ~100 attendees from various universities.  There was a mix of presentations by both Microsoft people as well as higher education folks.  Today was the final day and definitely the strongest.  We’re heading back to St. Louis with some good contacts for some projects we have in progress. 

I didn’t get to see much outside the conference, since they had us in sessions all day long, but did get to have some good meals as well as a great tour of the Microsoft campus and some opportunities to meet with some incredible Microsoft people courtesy of Xiotech, our SAN vendor.

Unfortunately I never found time to pop in to Trader Vic’s even though it was right next to our hotel in Bellevue.  Oh well, something to save for next time.  Even though the modern Trader Vic’s aren’t what they used to be, it still would have been a treat.