Collen Update

We noticed that as his medication dose was decreasing, Collen wasn’t feeling as well on the days without pills. While the medication helps make him more comfortable, it also makes him think he can act like his old self. Unfortunately there isn’t any way to explain to him that even though he feels OK, he isn’t healed yet.

I took him to our regular vet this morning, and he prescribed some more medication, enough for a couple weeks. He said Collen is doing OK, but he stressed that he has to be resting as much as possible. No stairs, no jumping, no active playing, all the things he wants to do. This kind of injury can take a month or more to heal, so it can be difficult. Especially since we have two steps that lead from our kitchen to our backyard. I have to get a ramp or something in place so he doesn’t have to go up and down anymore.