Collen goes to the vet

We found a bump on Collen’s back that seemed to be a scab or something. Since it seemed he’d had something similar in that same spot before, I took him to the vet this morning to have it checked out. Turned out to be a sebaceous cyst… basically a canine equivalent to a pimple… except a lot more unpleasant. It isn’t harmful to the dog, the vet said, although it probably isn’t comfortable, but the only way to remove it is surgery. So Collen goes in next Tuesday to have it removed. I’ll drop him off in the morning and then pick him up that afternoon.

He’s a bit bummed at the moment, because I haven’t let him out of the kitchen for fear of staining the furniture. He’s going to go crazy in the kitchen for a week so I’ll probably get some old blankets from the garage to cover his favorite spots. Poor guy.