Clean Computer Room

No more dust bunnies in my computer room!

The computer room at work was cleaned on Saturday, for the first time as far as I can determine. Cleaned professionally that is. We used Michael C. Kearney and Associates, and they did a fantastic job. I’ve wanted to bring someone in to clean the room for a few years now and finally had money in the budget to move forward.

We had them do a triple cleaning which involves vacuuming the floor and sub-floor, scrubbing the floor tiles, and wiping down the equipment. They also provide a floor layout with notes about anything they identified ranging from disconnected cables, unused outlets, problems, etc.

They also did an encapsulation, applying a coating to the concrete sub-floor. Doing so prevents concrete dust from coming off the floor surface. It also provides a good contrasting background so that your cables and are more visible.

After they finished, I felt like one of the straight guys on Queer Eye who sees his made-over home for the first time. My computer rooms looks like a whole new space. If your computer room is in need of cleaning, you should give Kearney & Associates a call. You’ll be glad you did.