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We upgraded our SAN this summer, replacing a Xiotech Magnitude Classic with a Magnitude 3D. We purchased the equipment through CDW-G, and shortly afterwards they asked if they could do a story about the purchase for one of their publications. A little publicity never hurts, so I told them it was OK with me. I figured it would be a short blurb somewhere, but it wound up being a couple pages in their September 2005 Higher Education mailer. They even sent a photographer to St. Louis to take some photos.

I forgot about it for the most part, until someone at work mentioned something about an article and a cover photo. As it turned out, I wasn’t on the mailing list for the catalog, so I didn’t know it had been released. A quick email to CDW-G fixed that and now I have four copies of both versions of the mailer, one is thicker than the other and the article and photos have been adjusted accordingly.

I tried to find an online version to link to, but wasn’t able to find any. So I made my own PDF which I’m posting here (hopefully CDW-G won’t mind). So check out the CDW-G September 2005 article with the catchy name: [School Effectively Meets Growing Storage Requirements](CDWG September 2005)

I’ve also posted a couple of the photos from the article. There’s something very strange about seeing yourself on the cover of a magazine.

CDW-G Higher Ed 9-2005 Cover
Scott makes the cover of the CDW-G September 2005 Higher Education catalog.
(L to R): Scott Ladewig
CDW-G Higher Ed 9-2005 Article
Article from the CDW-G September 2005 Higher Education catalog.
(L to R): Scott Ladewig
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