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Update on Shaggy – Day 6

Today was a pretty routine for Shaggy. A lot of lying around and not much else. We were supposed to take him to the vet today for them to take another look at hid bandages. Unfortunately, every time we called, they asked us to call back in a couple of hours because they had an

Update on Shaggy – Day 4

Here’s the latest news about Shaggy… Shaggy spent the day like he does most, laying on his bed in the kitchen. After work today, we carted him off to the vet so they could check his progress and see how things were under the bandage. They decided a couple more days were needed still, so

Update on Shaggy – Day 3

Shaggy came home this morning. When we arrived at AVS to take him home, the nurse told us he had chewed through his catheter and tried to take the stuffing out of his bandage, so he was ready to get out of there. His back leg bothers him because of the wound back there, so he

Update on Shaggy – Day 2

I want to give everyone an update on how Shaggy is doing, so here’s where we are at. This morning he was checked out by the dental vet, and he wants to do surgery in 4-6 weeks to repair a hole in the nasal cavity that was left from one of the teeth he lost.

Update on Shaggy

As many of you know, our dog Shaggy was attacked by another dog today. I’m out in California this weekend, so I don’t have all the details on the attack. Kristin rushed him to the vet and has been there all evening. About an hour ago, after Shaggy came out of surgery, the vet gave