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Goodbye Shaggy

On June 3, 2008, a longhaired dachshund named Shaggy came into our home and into our hearts. On June 6, 2020, we said goodbye. Shaggy turned sixteen in May, no small feat for a dachshund. He had slowed down considerably in the last year, and we knew that the odds were against him making it

Bunny Funeral

I was in the backyard filling the bird feeders when I noticed Shaggy was very busy at… something. I called to him but he didn’t turn around, so I knew that probably mean nothing good. I walked over there to find him pulling a tiny baby bunny out of a nest in the ground. I

Shaggy Wants Pizza

Shaggy does not appreciate it when we eat in front of him and fail to share any food with him. Since he doesn’t get people food (except in rare occasions), that means he gets pretty whiny about it most meals. Today he was worse than usual, so I had to document. Enjoy…

Update on Shaggy – Day 13

Shaggy’s most recent vet appointment was on Friday when he was supposed to have his staples removed. We’ve been taking him in the evenings since his doctor has been working the overnight shift. We called in advance like we always do and confirmed it was quiet and a good time to bring him in. By the

Update on Shaggy – Day 8

Shaggy was back at the vet tonight for his next bandage check, and this time he came home minus a few things. His bandage is gone and so is the drainage tube in his groin.  Losing the tube is a big deal because once that heals a bit, he should be able to put walk