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Discount Academic Passes for Microsoft Ignite 2019 are Sold Out!

According to the Microsoft Ignite site, discounted academic passes for faculty/staff and students are already sold out. Wow! That’s impressive considering we’re only three days into general registration. These passes disappeared faster than all those lifeforms did in Avengers: Infinity War when Thanos snapped his fingers. I’m not sure how many academic passes were available,

Microsoft Ignite 2019 Hotel Update (May 30)

General registration for Microsoft Ignite 2019 opened on Tuesday, and we’re already seeing a change in hotel availability. I updated the (unofficial) Microsoft Ignite 2019 Hotels page this morning to reflect the changes. Please note the usual caveats: “Unavailable” means the hotel no longer shows up in a search for a Sunday-Friday stay. If your

Microsoft Ignite 2018 – Day 5 Preview

Today is the last day of Microsoft Ignite 2018. The convention center is quiet this morning. The Expo is packed up, and people have already started to head for home. For the hardy (or foolhardy) souls such as myself, however, we’re still here, trying to squeeze out every last bit of the experience. I have