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Hello Cousin Mitt

Why does it always have to be the Republicans? Last election it was Sarah Palin. This election it is Mitt Romney. Wondering what I’m talking about? Genealogy. Cousins. I’m related to both of those… Republicans. Sigh. During the last election I determined that Sarah Palin and I are 10th cousins once removed. We share Martin

No Marker for Emil

I’m heading up to Green Bay with my dad in a couple weeks for the first Packers Fan Fest. On the way there and back, I’m going to stop at a couple cemeteries to do some genealogy research. It wouldn’t be a road trip without a cemetery visit. One cemetery is Lincoln Memorial Cemetery (formerly

Related to Jesus?

Now I’ve seen it all. Someone has an eBay auction (for a starting bid of $49,000 no less) for the publishing rights to what they claim is a report showing family ties between Jesus (as in the Christ) and various people. But wait, there’s more! You even get the domain name! What a deal!

Genealogy Roadtrip

I’m back from a week of vacation and genealogy. I drove up to Wisconsin last week to do some genealogy research that just can’t be done at home. The Internet and interlibrary loan are great tools, but for this trip I had to head home. Kristin didn’t have any free vacation days so this was