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Photos for Collen’s Ornaments

While decorating the Christmas tree last weekend, Kristin noticed that all of the dog photo frame ornaments from Hallmark still had the generic picture that come with the ornaments. Turns out we never put any photos of Collen in them. So this morning I spent the last hour picking out photos and trying to print them

Collen’s Bad Day

Collen had a really lousy day today. I noticed that he had been fussing with the area below his tail quite a bit during the last week, and when I looked, it looked a bit swollen. Normally they take care of that when he goes for grooming, but I didn’t want to wait that long,

Collen Update

We noticed that as his medication dose was decreasing, Collen wasn’t feeling as well on the days without pills. While the medication helps make him more comfortable, it also makes him think he can act like his old self. Unfortunately there isn’t any way to explain to him that even though he feels OK, he

Puppy Update

Collen is doing quite well and acting like his old self. I’m not sure if the drugs are that good or whether his injury wasn’t as bad as it seemed. We kept him in the kitchen for a few days and just started letting him into the rest of the first floor. This weekend we’ll