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Shaggy and Collen

Shaggy and Collen Originally uploaded by Ladewig Haven’t posted any pictures of the dogs for a while. Actually haven’t taken many photos. Poor Shaggy… but isn’t that always the case with a second dog (or child)? So here’s a photo of the boys hanging out.

Latest on Dogs

Shaggy went to Petsmart yesterday to get groomed. Big improvement. We would have taken over to Happy Tails, where Collen goes for daycare and grooming, but Shaggy has to be vetted before he can go there. Haven’t had time to do that yet. Probably won’t until after I return from TechEd. Today was the first

Meet Shaggy

The Ladewig family welcomed a new member today. We adopted Shaggy, a four year old long-haired dachshund, from the Humane Society of Missouri this afternoon. You can see more photos online in the Welcome Shaggy album. First off, Shaggy wasn’t our first choice for a name, but that’s the name he had when he came

Starting the New Year

Aside from a few twitters here and there, I’ve been largely absent from the site over the last few months.  I figure that the start of a new year is a good time to try and post more regularly.  To help make that work, I’m going to start participating in Project 365 over at Flickr (thanks