Carnival Cruise Lines Webcam Page Updated

Carnival Cruise Lines recently started to block adding their webcam images to outside web pages. That meant that visitors to my Carnival Cruise Lines Webcam Page no longer were able to view the ships’ webcams on a single web page.

Webcam Image – Before Webcam Image – After
Carnival Webcam - Before
Carnival Webcam – Before
Carnival Webcam - After
Carnival Webcam – After

I really can’t complain. The images are theirs, and websites prefer to have viewers eyes looking at their site and not on someone else’s. As someone who loves to cruise and enjoys looking at ship webcams, being able to go to one page to see several cams is much simpler and more efficient than having to open a separate page for each ship. Hopefully Carnival and other cruise lines will take note and provide a one-page view of their cam-equipped fleet.

Until then, feel free to visit the my other cruise ship webcam pages, and if you want to check out the Carnival cams, you can still use my Carnival Cruise Lines page as a launch page for the Carnival webcam pages. Click on the ship photos to view the webcam, page for that ship.