Busy Time

If only there were more hours in a day. If I stop and look at my calendar and go over all of the things we’re doing, the places we’re going, and the work that needs to get done somewhere in there, it makes my head spin.

April started things out gradually. We were up in the Quad Cities for Easter weekend. Then Chris and Julie Brooks (chrisbrooks.org) were in town for Thurtene Carinval at WashU I haven’t seen Chris since TechEd 2003 in Dallas Julie even longer, so it was great to spend some time with them. Hopefully we can make it out to Oregon one of these days and spend some more time with them.

Now May is here, and we have a trip to Nashville this weekend to see Erasure in concert at the Ryman Auditorum. After we get back, we have tickets to Dr. Doolittle at the Fox Theatre. May means the semester is ending and students are graduating, so that means it is time for me to get my budget finalized for our new fiscal year at work and have my summer projects all lined out before we go to… Alaska! We spend the last two weeks of May in Alaska on a cruise with Princess. Four days in Alaska at their lodges, then seven days at sea on Island Princess, and ending with three days in Vancouver visiting Kristin’s cousin Gordon (from Kelowna, BC) and his family before returning home.

Whew! Wait there’s more. Then I leave a week and a half later for TechEd 2006 in Boston. After I get back, I have a few weeks to work on summer projects at work (new servers, expanded wireless network, etc.) and at home (lawn and garden work). Then in July we go to Huntsville, Alabama, for a family reunion, with stops in Nashville (again), Lynchburg, Corinth, and Memphis along the way. That takes us into August, which means crazy time for me as all the students show up for pre-program, orientation, and the start of classes. Lastly, I have my 20 year high school reunion (Mary D. Bradford, Class of 1986) in September.

Things slow down after that… I hope.