Braves in the Sweet Sixteen

p. “Billy Packer”: will want to bookmark these links:

* “The Crow Roost”:
* “Crow Busters”:
* “Bert Christensen’s Weird and Different Recipes”:

p. With all the crow he is going to be eating, now that the “MVC”: has two teams in the Sweet Sixteen, these recipes should give him some variety in his meals.

p. We were at Ozzie’s at Westport with other “Bradley”: fans, watching the Braves in their convincing win over Pittsburgh. I’m a “Washington University”: alum, so even though we have several national championships in Division III Women’s Volleyball (go Bears!), having a team to follow in a Division I tournament is a new experience.

p. We’re still waiting for details, but we’ll be at Ozzie’s again on Thursday night for the next game. Go Braves!