Black Watch and Welsh Guard in St. Louis

We were at the Fox on Thursday night to catch the 2006 tour of the Pipes, Drums and Highland Dancers of the Black Watch with the Band of the Welsh Guards. This is the first time either group has been to St. Louis and the theatre was nearly full on the first of two nights. I’m a big fan of bagpipes and Celtic music in general, so this was a must see show. It didn’t disappoint.

Before the show and during intermission, the performers were in the lobby and aisles selling CDs and programs and answering questions from the audience. Everyone was dressed in the most elaborate uniforms and in such variety. Thankfully the program included some fairly detailed descriptions and explanations as to what everything meant. As people talked to the soldiers (Don’t forget these guys are both soldiers and musicians, the Black Watch having server two tours in Iraq.) it seemed everyone wanted to touch the bearskin hats.

If you’re interested, the program being used for the tour is online. Check the list of tour dates and try to see them if they’re in your area. The Welsh Guard site includes a tour diary.