Back from Star Wars Celebration

We’re back from Indiana. We left Tuesday for a couple days with family in Fort Wayne, and then headed down to Indianapolis for the madness that was Star Wars Celebration 3.

The show was a lot of fun, but also very exhausting. We spent a LOT of time in line, but overall we didn’t do too bad. If they do any more of these events (and it sounds like they will), they have to fix the logistics problems that seem to continually plague this event. People keep posting about how wonderful everything is because everyone in line with you is so great (which is true to a point), but it should NOT take 7 hours to wait and buy an action figure. Thankfully, we only had to wait two hours in the store line, thanks to a volunteer who steered us into the VIP line for the store by mistake.

The Episode III footage Rick McCallum showed on the digital projector was absolutely unbelievable. Even though we don’t have a digital screen here in St. Louis, hopefully we’ll get to see it when we’re in Chicago next month.

Just downloaded photos last night, so I’ll try and get those online in the next couple days.