Already February

As you can tell, I haven’t been blogging much this year.  Not sure if I haven’t had much to say or just haven’t had the time. A few random thoughts…

United to start charging $25 to check a second bag (MSNBC):  I understand the airlines are hurting, especially with fuel prices as high as they are, but $25 seems pretty steep.  You can expect to see people shifting to airlines that decline to follow suit (assuming there is a viable alternative to the dominant carrier at your local airport), as well as an increase in what people try to carry on the aircraft.  It would be an easier sell if they offered better baggage handling (I’ll pay extra if it means I don’t have to sit for an hour waiting for my bags at Lambert) or lower fares.

Yahoo! discontinues Music Unlimited (Yahoo! Music Blog):  Yahoo! announced that they are going to discontinue their Music Unlimited service and move the subscribers over to Rhapsody.  I’ve been a subscriber for almost a year, and I’m disappointed to hear the news.  When I first looked at music subscription services, I considered Rhapsody but elected to go with Yahoo!  The catalog was almost as large as Rhapsody but with a significantly lower price.  I’m curious to see what kinds of offers the other subscription vendors make available to try and siphon customers away from Yahoo! and Real.

Project 365:  Taking a photo each day and uploading it to Flickr sounds easy, but so far I’ve missed three or four days since the start of the year.  Expect Collen to continue to figure prominently in my pictures.  Check out my contributions at Flickr.