A Blog with No Name

Remember the song, “A Horse with No Name” by America?  If you said yes, congratulations, but this post has nothing to do with that song.  If you said no, I’m guessing you’re probably too young to remember it, and that just makes me feel old.

Now that we have that out of the way, lets get back to the horse blog with no name mentioned in the title of this post.  The last time I changed the look and feel of the site was way back in 2007; July to be specific. If you want to reminisce with me, check out my post about the change.  Four years is a long time, and the design just wasn’t aligning with how I wanted to present myself online.

Off I went to find a new theme.  I’m going to spare you all the ugly details, the screaming, the yelling, and the gnashing of teeth as I delved into PHP and CSS and who knows what other acronyms to beat my new theme into shape.  Instead I’ll fast forward past all of that and go right to the finished product.

So what do you think?  I’m a huge fan of Microsoft’s Metro UI, but I couldn’t find any good themes for WordPress that had that look.  Eventually I came across the Minimatica theme by One Designs which was close, and after a few changes, I now have a site with the clean, crisp, efficient look I wanted.  But I realized that I’m still missing something… a name for the site.

All these years, the header just said “Ladewig.com” at the top.  I suppose that was OK, but the site is long overdue for a proper christening with more than just a domain name.  So for now, I’m calling it “Scott Ladewig’s {insert site name here}” with the hopes of filling in that placeholder.  I’m open to suggestions from you, my loyal readers. Pass along any suggestions you might have, and include the reason for your choice (if you don’t mind).  If I decide to use someone’s suggestion, that person will receive… my thanks and maybe lunch. Hey, I’m not made of money.

One more thing…. Don’t suggest “A Blog With No Name” or some variant thereof. Bing that phrase, and you’ll see that’s a pretty common blog name. My site deserves better, don’t you think?