TechEd Countdown Show Ep. 11: All about TechEd Europe in person activities

TechEd Countdown Show 2013Episode 11 of the TechEd Countdown Show is now online. This is the LAST show! Rick (@RicksterCDN) and Joey (@JoeySnow) recorded this show at TechEd North America in New Orleans last week. In this episode they talk about opportunities for in-person activities in Madrid at TechEd Europe.

  • TechEd Europe dual keynotes (North America keynote was the best in several years. I’m curious what they’re going to cover in two.)
  • Country Drinks
  • Ask the Experts
  • Hands On Labs
  • and more…

I’m a bit envious of the folks going to TechEd Europe because our event is over for another year and theirs is almost here. I’m really envious of the people who were in New Orleans and are also going to Europe. That’s a lot of TechEd in one month.

My offer to let someone send me to Madrid to live tweet the event still stands. Anyone?

You can always find The TechEd Countdown Show over at Channel 9, but why not just watch it here? Enjoy!