69/366 Best Pizza in STL (and Provel-free!)

I’ve had an Imo’s pizza now and then, but I’m sorry St. Louis, the whole Provel thing just isn’t in the list of approved cheese toppings for my pizzas. Sorry.

The unbelievably good pizza back home in Kenosha (WI) ruined for any other.  Even so, I have found a couple close substitutes. One is Dimaggio Pizza in Christopher (IL) near Rend Lake, not exactly a convenient option.

The other, pictured here, is in the neighborhood at Balducci’s Winefest. A cozy little restaurant in the basement of a tiny retail strip in Maryland Heights. Best pizza in St. Louis, bar none.  My dad and I stopped in and devoured this pizza after going to the movies. If you live in St. Louis and you’ve never been, you owe it to yourself to give it a try.