2014 Windows in Higher Ed Conference Announced

Windows in Higher Education 2014After skipping 2013, the Windows in Higher Education Conference is making a comeback for 2014. Billy Beaudoin of NC State University broke the news on the Windows-HieEd mailing list this morning.

Mark your calendar for October 12-15 in Redmond, Washington. The conference will kick off with a casual meet and greet event on Sunday, October 12. After getting acquainted or reacquainted as the case may be, attendees will meet in Building 37 on the Microsoft Campus Monday through Wednesday. If you haven’t participated before, the WinHiEd conference is basically a mini-TechEd for those of us who work in higher education. The format is a mix of both Microsoft and attendee presentations. Being on the Microsoft campus means you get access to presenters that a conference of this size can’t usually attract.

The registration site should be up around July 1, and hotel details will be available at that time as well. Keep an eye on the Windows-HiEd list for more information.

The planners are interested in finding out what people would like to see at this year’s conference. If you have input, please fill out their survey to help them out.

With the conference announcement comes the first call for peer presenters. When you fill out the survey, there is an area where you can volunteer to present. Billy will be coordinating the peer presentations, so you can contact him at wrbeaudo@ncsu.edu as well if you’re interested in presenting or have questions.

As more information becomes available the Windows in Higher Education web site will be updated, so bookmark the site and keep an eye out for new. I’ll also post anything new here as well.

Unfortunately, I probably will not be able to attend this year. I will be arriving in New York on Sunday the 12th at the end of a 10 day Canada & New England cruise.  The logistics of getting from New York to Seattle that day after two weeks away from home would be challenging (not to mention trying to convince someone at home of why this would be a good idea). Sigh. If you’re going, I’ll look forward to following along online.