2013 89/365 BackPack2 iMac Shelf by Twelve South

Do you have an iMac and are tired of that external drive taking up space on your desk? Take a look at the BackPack2 by Twelve South. I was reading Macworld and thought this metal shelf would help free up space on my wife’s desk. Yes, she’s a Mac person, but like they say, nobody’s perfect.

The shelf can be mounted on your iMac, Thunderbolt Display, or Cinema Display, either on the back on front. In the back it is great for external drives, switches, etc. In the front, you could put your phone for charging or perhaps a SuperDrive.

There are two thumbscrews that you use to align and secure the clamps that hold the shelf to the stand. The clamps have a plastic insert, and because it uses gravity to hold the shelf in place, it stays snug without damaging the surface.

For devices that stand vertically, the kit includes four metal posts that can be attached to the shelf to make sure the device doesn’t tip over. The surface is covered in small holes where you can place the posts and secure from below with thumbscrews,

The slots on the sides of the shelf are intended for threading power and data cables. The theory is if you nee to remove the device, the cables stay in place so you don’t have to fish them out again after they fall. Lastly there is a non-slip pad that sits on the shelf to keep devices from sliding off.

The BackPack2 is well-built and easy to install. Definitely a smart way to take advantage of the space behind your iMac or Apple display.