Month: June 2007

Space Shuttle Launch

Today is the first day of our vacation at Walt Disney World and we were treated to some early evening fireworks courtesy of NASA. Space Shuttle Atlantis launched this evening at 7:38 pm. A guy was on the phone with someone watching it on TV and gave the word when it cleared the tower. After

TechEd 2007: Bag Check Mess

Ran into the first logistics mess of the conference this morning. Like most people, I planned to check out of my hotel this morning and check bags at the convention center for the morning sessions. When I arrived, I found a long line that wasn’t moving very fast. Turns out they had one line for

TechEd 2007: Day Four

Day Four of TechEd. Always a popular day because it means one thing… Attendee Party! No matter the venue or the featured entertainment, everyone seems to enjoy the party. Since we’re in Orlando and surrounded by theme parks, no concert this year, instead we all visited Islands of Adventure. Bur first, the day’s wrap-up. Today’s

TechEd 2007: Bluecast Blues

Dean Andrews posted over on the TechNet Webcast Weblog about the Bluecast feature at TechEd and some of the issues they’ve had. The idea is you set your Bluetooth-enabled phones and other devices to be discoverable, and content will be made available that you can download and use. Some of the stations offered an opportunity