Month: March 2005

Packers Fan Fest Day 2

The second day of the Packers Fan Fest wasn’t any luckier than the first. Peeling off the sticker on the wild card ticket revealed yet another 15% coupon. No Brett Favre signature or photo for me. I did get signatures from Bob Harlan (along with a photo with my eyes closed), Don Majkowski, and Lee

Packer Fan Fest Begins

I’m sitting in a hotel room in Green Bay as I write this. Today was the first day of the Packers Fan Fest, and the highlight of the evening was an appearance by Brett Favre. The crowd went absolutely wild when they heard Favre say that he would be coming back for another season. Everyone

TechEd Bloggers 2005

The TechEd Bloggers site has been updated to get ready for TechEd 2005. This site is a great way to get ready for the conference and keep on top of what’s going on once it starts. I’m a sysadmin, so I’ll be there primarily for admin, messaging, and management topics. I don’t know what the

Quoted in Business Week

OK, it wasn’t the magazine, but I did get my name in a Business Week Online column. Stephen Wildstrom wrote in a 2/24/2005 Help Desk column, Microsoft Slips a Plug in a Patch about Microsoft’s release of a Messenger update and how it changes your home page to MSN if you don’t deselect the option