Month: March 2005

Big Cheese Winner

p. At the Packers Fan Fest I attended earlier in the month, several vendors had booths in the atrium. One was “Sargento”:, the “Official Cheese of Lambeau Field”:, and they were running a contest at their booth, inviting people to guess the number of cheeseheads in a jar. I decided to put some of my

An Evening of Disney Music

p. On Sunday we went to the “Fox Theatre”: to catch the final day of “Disney’s On the Record”: On the Record is set in a recording studio where a greatest hits collection is to be recorded. The songs are performed by the four principals — two young up-and-coming singers and two older established performers

Packers Fan Fest Day Three Photos

p. Photos from “Day Three”: of Packers Fan Fest 2005 are now available. I’ve also uploaded new versions of the photos from “Day One”: and “Day Two”: with captions.

Right to Die

p. I can’t believe that Congress is getting involved with the Terry Schiavo case. Hasn’t this gone on long enough? Nobody seems to care about what she would have wanted. Since there is no living will to communicate her wishes in this kind of situation, people should defer to what her husband said were her

Using FeedBurner for Feeds

p. I’ve started using “FeedBurner”: to publish my subscription feeds. FeedBurner takes a normal RSS or Atom file from your site and republishes it in a browser-friendly format. Instead of seeing a raw XML file when clicking on the subscribe link, the viewer sees a well-formatted page complete with links for subscribing to the feed