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Another Go at Project 365 & Biltmore Pics

It’s a new year, and I’m making yet another run at Project 365. In case you don’t know, Project 365 is the general term for projects where people take a photo each day and post it somewhere.  I’ve tried it several times now and have yet to make it through an entire year.  In the …

BackPack2 iMac Shelf - 2013 89/365

2013 89/365 BackPack2 iMac Shelf by Twelve South

Do you have an iMac and are tired of that external drive taking up space on your desk? Take a look at the BackPack2 by Twelve South. I was reading Macworld and thought this metal shelf would help free up space on my wife’s desk. Yes, she’s a Mac person, but like they say, nobody’s …

1929 Ford Tri-Motor - 2012 264/366

264/366 1929 Ford Tri-Motor

The EAA brought this 1929 Ford-Tri-Motor to Bloomington, Illinois, for the weekend as part of a tour. I surprised my dad with a day trip for a flight on the plane. What an absolute treat to be able to fly on such a historic aircraft! Out of 199 Tri-Motors that were produced, this aircraft was …

Hummingbird - 2012 211/366

211/366 Hummingbird

One of our resident hummingbirds gave its wings a break and sat for a bit on one of the tomato cages. I think he was hanging around to try and guilt me into refilling the feeders (which I did tonight).