MagicBand on My Wrist

Disney MagicBands Have Arrived

Next month, I’ll be at Walt Disney World for a few days to celebrate my 45th birthday. I figure if I have to turn 45 (that’s only five years from 50!), I may as well do so in one of my favorite places. That’s how I justified it to my wife at least. We’re staying …

Disney Memories

A Trip Down Disney Memory Lane… For the Record

Last week, we decided to go to Walt Disney World to celebrate my upcoming 45th birthday in December. It is probably more accurate to say that I decided we should go, and then proceeded to steer the talk of going away for my birthday down the road that leads to Disney World. And really, doesn’t …

Mr. Pricklepants - 2012 93/366

93/366 Mr. Pricklepants

If you’ve seen Toy Story 3, you probably recognize Mr. Pricklepants, thespian extraordinaire as well as stylish hedgehog.  Seriously, who else could pull off that pair of Lederhosen?  Mr. Pricklepants has taken up residence on my desk and from time to time has something to say, usually motivational, in the form of a Post-It note.