Xbox One: “For some reason TV took too long to start (0x8027025a)”

I setup my Xbox One last night, and everything seemed to be working well. This morning, however, I ran into a bug that seems to be common from reading the Xbox One Support Forum for Live TV.

I gave the “Xbox One” command to try the Instant On feature and make sure TV was working as expected. The Xbox started up, but none of the other devices did. The TV, receiver, and DirecTV box all remained off. I turned them all on manually, then selected TV. The TV startup screen came up, sat there, then eventually timed out and gave me this error:

“For some reason TV took too long to start (0x8027025a)”

I tried going into settings, but when I selected “TV & OneGuide,” I received the same error. I tried a number of things, but I simply could not get live TV to work.

The workaround I finally stumbled on was to switch the power setting from Instant On to Energy-saving and then restart the Xbox. After that change, my devices all started when the Xbox One started up (albeit slowly compared to using Instant On). Live TV worked on every startup afterwards.  I lost the ability to say “Xbox On” and start everything up quickly, but not a big loss if I couldn’t watch Live TV. See this Microsoft support article, “How to change the power settings on your Xbox One console” for help changing your power setting.

For reference, the devices I have connected to the Xbox One are a DirecTV HR24-500 receiver, a Vizio E421VA television, and an Onkyo TX-NR509 receiver. People posting in the forums with this problem have a range of different devices, so it doesn’t seem to be specific to my DirecTV receiver.

Hopefully this is something they can get fixed in an update soon. Having the Instant On function work flawlessly is a must if I’m going to convince the other parties in the house (aka my wife) to let Xbox One be the core of our TV watching experience.

Update! (Dec. 7)

A few people who commented on this post mentioned that they were able to leave Instant On enabled if they disabled the option to let Xbox turn off their cable/satellite box. I finally had a chance to test this option, and I can confirm it does work. I’ve been able to turn on my Xbox One by saying “Xbox On” and watching live TV for the last few days. I disabled having Xbox control any of my external devices since I plan to continue to use my Harmony remote for that anyway. A big thank you to John Milligan, Phillip Lyle, and Bluekers for passing this on. As with any workaround, there’s no guarantee it will work for you.

To change this setting go Settings and select TV & OneGuide. There you will find an option for Power settings where you can specify which devices the “Xbox on” and “Xbox turn off” commands will control.

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  1. Jerry says:

    Thank you same issue fixed ,
    I have also direct tv with Yamaha v673 receiver and Panasonic e7000 projector.

    Really hope it’s fixed as turning xbox on with voice command is great .

  2. Mike says:

    I had the same issue as well. So far turning off instant on seemed to fix it. I have Sony Receiver and Vizio TV and Verizon FiOS for cable provider.

  3. Kevin says:

    Thanks for this. Same problem here. Worked fine Friday, and all day Saturday. Get up this morning and get bit by this error. Here’s hoping for a quick update.

  4. I have the same issue. I have Comcast in Seattle and a Samsung TV. It seems like the Xbox One TV pass-through app crashes after many hours of running and what you are solving by the energy saving mode is simply forcing it to restart the pass-through app from scratch because you’re truly turning off the Xbox. In Instant On mode the Xbox One never technically shuts off.

  5. Dimeck says:

    I had the exact same problem this morning. Got my Xbox One Saturday, set it up on Sunday. I have a (old) Samsung TV, Motorola cable box for Fios, and an Onkyo TX-SR606. Everything worked great on Sunday, played with all of the cool NFL stuff, but Monday morning there was no TV when I said, “Xbox on.”

    The fix of turning off the instant on feature worked for me. I truly hope Microsoft has a fix for this

  6. xGrantedx - Day One BF4 says:

    Same issue here – I have DirecTV, Pioneer VSX-1122K, Vizio 55″ LED 3D TV, everything has had their firmware updated etc… I had been successfully using it with instant on for about 10-12 power on’s then a day or so ago experienced the same issue you all have above… Turned on power saving mode and it appears to have fixed the issue. Probably a bug in the way the One searches for the devices on instant on and I would expect a fix from Microsoft in the coming weeks in a firmware update to fix it as I am sure they are aware of the issue. However, this is a slight hiccup with a work around, the PS4 I’ve heard are having the Xbox 360 red ring of death issue with over heating due to the slim, enclosed tight boxed package they created… Some times smaller isn’t better and I think Microsoft learned that the hard way the first time around, I like the air flow over design they built with the One like a server box design blow over internals in one out the other… Nice job Microsoft, we get what we pay for I guess… 😀

  7. Howie says:

    It’s a real shame that the workaround is to disable one of the best features of the XBO. How could this get past QA at MSFT? Dumb question I guess as their customers have been doing their Q&A since Windows 3.1

  8. Jesse says:

    Same issue here Thank You Soo Much Scott! I have been leaving my xbox on for the last few days and choosing to only turn the TV off when i leave the Room, I never lost the connection until I left the house today and thought i’d be nice and actually power off the XB1 too. I hope they fix this soon as I really enjoyed telling my xbox what to do!

  9. John Milligan says:

    I have a dish hopper I found the issue was that I had the Xbox set to turn off my cable box, I disabled that after doing the Fix you said. After that I was able to switch back to instant on.

      • Dimeck says:

        Yuck…I hate my statement here….let me retry this.

        You were able to avoid the issue by disabling the cable box turning off via XB1?

    • Thanks for the feedback. I finally had a chance to try this and I can confirm that Instant On works for me as well if I disable the option to turn off the cable/satellite box. I’ve updated the post to reflect this new info. Thanks.

  10. Frill Artist says:

    You don’t need to do all this.

    All I had to do was turn off my Xbox and unplug the power cord from the power outlet for about 30 seconds. I also unplugged my cable box from the power outlet, however, I doubt it was a problem from the cable box because I could watch TV fine if it wasn’t passed through the Xbox.

    Anyway, I plugged the Xbox back in and turned it on. The TV app worked fine after that.

    I’m guessing this worked because the TV app crashed and it needed the system to be turned off for it to restart. Simply turning off the Xbox doesn’t really turn it off. It just puts it in sleep mode. Hope this helps.

    • Unfortunately, for me (and for others), the problem with the TV app reoccurs if Instant On is left enabled. Rebooting the Xbox clears the issue, but it comes back. Disabling Instant On was the only way for the TV app to start consistently on my system. Glad to hear it was only a one-time issue for you.

  11. I had the same issue but my xbox one wouldn’t play any games on disc. I was playing dr3 and it would just go home. I switched to BF4 with the same result except I got the error message once. I ended up disconnecting everything including power and it started working again…

  12. Phillip Lyle says:

    According to the terrible & buggy Xbox Forums, some people have also reported success with leaving Instant On enabled, but disabling either 1) the cable box from powering off, or 2) the “Xbox On” command (e.g. leave instant on enabled, but disable Xbox On).

    I would try these myself but I haven’t seen the issue reoccur on its own for a couple days now.

    • Thanks Phillip. I finally had a chance to try this and I can confirm that Instant On works for me as well if I disable the option to turn off the cable/satellite box. I’ve updated the post to reflect this new info. Thanks.

  13. Bluekers says:

    This issue only started for me when I changed my Xbox to “turn off cable satellite receiver” option. Since I have changed that back to not checked, my Xbox has no issues with tv and has restarted in instant on multiple times with no issue. This has to have something to do with it also. As mine is completely fixed.

  14. WR says:

    when i unplugged it from the power and plugged it back in it worked fine. mine broke if i didn’t quit my game but only paused it and shut off my xbox.

  15. WR says:

    Let me restate this for the feature to continuously work you need to quit your game before you turn off your xbox if you hold down the right start button i believe (don’t know new name) you will get a menu of options one of which is quit. select that then turn off your xbox and it will work fine with instant on. hope that helps.

  16. Rick Munoz says:

    Your my hero!! I am so happy I found this article. This fixed my Xbox One issue with my TV and a similar issue I was having with my kid’s FIFA 14 game. Thank You very much

  17. colin says:

    fixed my problem! Thanks! MS needs to work on FAST!! i convinced a few people to buy xbox one based on this technology alone.

    • Stephen says:

      Fred, my thoughts exactly. I was going absolutely ape sh** trying to figure why it stopped working in the exact same fashion as described in this post. After finding this fix, I though “I love the internet” as well. The options were running through me head, do I have to send it in to Microsoft and wait weeks or months to get something back that works, or since I still have time to return to Best Buy can I just do that? All kinds of questions. I still might try taking it back for an exchange but if this is a software issue, and it seems to be, then it would do me no good to exchange for a different one.

      Thank you very much for posting this information!

      Happy New Year!

  18. Steven in VA says:

    I use directv and from day one I did not enable the Xbox to turn off my satellite box. I did get this error and by changing power from instant on to,Eco, rebooting xbox one, put back to instant on seems to work till the next time it happens so I can keep instant on and didnt have the option for the cable/sat box disable option.

  19. Nock says:

    So dumb how you have to disable the best feature of the xbox one just to play a game like fifa 14. Thanks though.

  20. jose alberto martinez castillo says:

    Hi guys. So I bought my xbox one a month ago and two weeks ago this message appear on the screen of my tv [ for some reason your Tv did not launc, please try again , ( 0x8027025a) ] What i did first was to restart my console, which it did not work, then I went to settings and I tried to select the Tv & one guide and it did not work too. Therefore, I restarted my console to the factory settings and everything was fix, I was able to watch tv again. Unfortunately, that problem came up yesterday again, hopefully, I found this forum, and I did what the guy who created this forum said. I went to settings, then I clicked on power & startup and I changed to Instant On to Energy-saving. I restarted my console, and everything was fix again. Thank you, I hope you find this message helpful.

  21. Gunther says:

    I’ve had the same issue. at one point – i thought my xbox one was “broken” few questions for the group (Scott as well). 1) do you think xbox will fix this issue? 2) since this is a recurring issue – its a software problem – not a hardware issue correct?

    • Yes, it is most likely a software issue, a memory leak I assume because the TV app remains open. Do I think they will fix it? Yes, but who knows when that might be.