Norwegian Cruise Line Bridge Cam Page Updated

Norwegian Cruise Line logoI updated my Norwegian Cruise Line Bridge Cam page this morning. Like my Cunard page that I updated last week, this page was completely broken. NCL changed the server address for the images as well as the links to their ship pages at some point so nothing worked.

I’ve made the following changes to the Norwegian Cruise Line Bridge Cam page:

  • Added placeholders for Norwegian Breakaway (May 2013) and Norwegian Getaway (Winter 2014)
  • Updated image links for all bridge cams
  • Updates the links so that clicking on a ship’s cam will take you to the correct ship page on NCL’s web site.

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2 Responses

  1. Rich says:

    Hi Scott…Came upon your website while searching for NCL webcams to see if the new Breakaway’s cam was up and running yet since we will be on it’s first cruise to Bermuda on May 12th. Noticed you flipped the two new ships’ names on your changes listing. Should be Breakaway (May 2013) and Getaway (Winter 2014). Just wanted to let you know.

    • Good catch Rich. I had it right on the cam page but messed up here. It is fixed now. I’m hoping to get a chance to tour Breakaway in June. Keeping my fingers crossed.