152/366 Fresh Windows 8

Windows 8 Release Preview was… released today. If your Internet browsing seemed slower today you can blame me and everyone else who downloaded it and Windows Server 2012 RC. Now it’s time to install. If you would like to kick the tires, you can download Windows 8 Release Preview too.

Certification Fail

Yesterday morning I sat for the Microsoft Certification Exam 70-642, “Windows Server 2008, Networking Infrastructure, Configuration,” the second of three exams that leads to the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA). I scored 630 on it, but unfortunately 700 was the minimum to pass. Four letters started out at me: FAIL. I let myself be upset …

151/366 #Fail

The four letter word you never want to see on test results: FAIL. Yes, I did not pass the exam I sat for yesterday. So my second step towards getting my MCSA and MCSE certifications is delayed slightly while I study a bit more.

LadeSwag Report – System Center Rally 2012

If there’s a technical conference, even for just one day, you know there is going to be swag. Here’s my report on what I brought back from The Greater Midwest System Center Rally 2012 Notepads (2) – Oakwood, 1E Pens (3) – Oakwood, Veeam, 1E Veeam light-up yo-yo Microsoft clip 1E thumb drive (undetermined size) Softmart …

System Center Rally in St. Louis

Today was Commencement at Washington University (where I work). It is a great day for the graduates and their families, but for most staff, it is a great day to stay as far away from campus as possible. Parking is horrible and no one is in their office working anyway; instead people are at the …