Iris - 2012 91/366

91/366 Iris

Every year the flower bed in the front of the house gives us tulips followed by asian lilies. This year, however, the flower bed also produced an Iris. I honestly don’t recall ever planting any, but we must have. A couple more have since joined this one. What’s next?

Horse Playing with Ball - 2012 90/366

90/366 Horse with Mad Ball Skillz

Like the picture says, this is a horse with some mad ball skillz.  We went to see the show Cavalia. Think Cirque du Soleil with horses. Our ticket level included a visit to the stables after the show.  Most of the horses were eating or just standing there trying to ignore us and have some …

Jack Skellington & Friends 2012 89/366

89/366 Jack Skellington & Friends

I’m a huge fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas and of the character Jack Skellington especially. On my recent trip to New Orleans, I bought a couple Voodoo dolls from the New Orleans Doll Company. One of the dolls, the “Wizard” according to the clerk, is wearing a TNBC button, so I just had to buy …


New Clues for MEC 2012 Part 3

Right on schedule, the next email about MEC 2012 arrived today. I have been posting my analysis of the hints and clues in each email, and you can read Part 1 and Part 2 if you want to get caught up. As expected, the latest message is for the fictitious MEC 2010 conference focused on Microsoft …

Modesto Tapas - 2012 88/366

88/366 Modesto Tapas

The St. Louis Foodspotting Meetup for March was at Modesto Tapas. I really like Modesto, but haven’t been there for ages.  The day of the meetup happened to be the first day with a new menu with several new items.  It had been so long since I’d been there, however, that to be honest it …